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re First Light behindinfinity
you touched me
i'd been waiting
    (all night)
out of breath
i strain to show it back;
to reflect,
    in my shadowy cove,
your arcs
(do you notice my intent)
i want to wake
to the lens of your shine
the uneven spline
the feedback in focus loss
    to warm
    to rise
    to breath
        escaping in that exhale
        the gas that's made
i think i see the horizon
:iconfrogstarr78:frogstarr78 2 0
wind blast destruction
face ways deflection
cement stomach skid
port-o-potty slosh inside
clear sky isolation
depression into space
backward stalking memory
no escape
:iconfrogstarr78:frogstarr78 0 1
if I could find
each line
entangling more
the dermal shore
with graceful stance
command despotic glance
there the war goes deep
amid deep sleep
lingering trace
hidden in face
a rest could never afford.
:iconfrogstarr78:frogstarr78 0 0
indirect placement
on barbaric decline
the date is wrong
can't we just watch
  mice in the maze
:iconfrogstarr78:frogstarr78 0 0
   watching decades pass(ed)|past clouds
   as fast as they move
   you'd think we'd be further along by now
   each thick and thin
   darkless clear
   Chihulian space
   these clouds go by
   the wind brazenly bullies the tree
       an she flirts back
   while the clouds have nothing to say
       just transportation
   they've gone to a secluded place
     now the (only) thin croud(s) remain(s)
       where they discuss
       the wicked su
:iconfrogstarr78:frogstarr78 0 0


round by MarcosRodriguez round :iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 115 10
split me out
how many times
can i snarl it
that i cannot be breathed
in this body
look, my bones gonna growl
when you bite them
see, the thunder will live
in my teeth
and these atoms of mine
murmur scarlet
in the rust of their red
they are godly
yes, my deities prowl 
but despite them
i still favor the fight
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 19 2
The hidden mountains. by LordLJCornellPhotos The hidden mountains. :iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 193 16 Switzerland Landscapes pt. II by TheChosenPesssimist Switzerland Landscapes pt. II :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 165 5 City Depression by Iskaeldt City Depression :iconiskaeldt:Iskaeldt 95 8 First snow by KuldarLeement First snow :iconkuldarleement:KuldarLeement 764 24 Going home by HendrikMandla Going home :iconhendrikmandla:HendrikMandla 1,360 37 First Snow by FabulaPhoto First Snow :iconfabulaphoto:FabulaPhoto 77 11 Galaxy  dress by TheMeltingMoon Galaxy dress :iconthemeltingmoon:TheMeltingMoon 30 5
Bullets, Flowers, Leaves
I have drawers for bullets
and flowers
and leaves.
The rain sometimes comes
more sometimes than other
The sun sneaks out and splatters
waves on the wall; trees in the wind.
Bullets, flowers, leaves.
The world here is made of rocks
ground down some
and some leave me to wonder
about the works
of simple men
that do so little,
not even as much as the rocks.
Bullets, flowers, leaves.
Spring in Winter
Winter in Summer
and Fall never,
with the sea angry at your elbow
and the people the people the people
who drive the roads back and forth
howling the pavement to
the next whatever
that cannot ever arrive.
Flowers and
:iconhell-on-a-stick:hell-on-a-stick 103 48
Primitive Blue Voronetz by Bibire Primitive Blue Voronetz :iconbibire:Bibire 49 10
too (iso)late(d)
touch-starved waistlines
recollect memories in old text messages
and incomplete composition notebooks
they argue with themselves
about self-preservation in a predatory
wilderness: the privacy of homes
and thick bedroom walls
with birds calling them from hiding spots
amongst the fear and hope
unfounded and unfound
& steady hands let go of their centers
to grip reluctance in pens
recording the songs of bluebirds
outside, outside, outside
as growth sets in with resignation smiles
:iconblanketings:blanketings 108 32
forgiving spirits through dappled light by creaturesfromel forgiving spirits through dappled light :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 1,598 53
psychosomatic serenade.
Schrodinger has been writing me
love letters, and he hasn’t. he
catcalls me from closed boxes
while I flip coins trying to figure
out what’s breathing, what isn’t.
your coffin, floating in earthen
rivers, hinges gleaming iridescent
as salmon scales, I am sitting here
guessing if the cat is dead or alive
in that imaginary vacuum, ignoring
Pavlov’s set ringtone on my phone -
the bells make me think of your
throat, how your Adam’s apple
rang when you swallowed down
another of my placebo promises.
I love, loved, you. and I didn’t.
Freud keeps dropping business
cards through the letterbox asking
my mother to call him, I scribble
down sketches of your mouth on
the back, how it curled when you
stumbled over the words ‘death’
and ‘love’ alike. and maybe the
answer to it all lies therein, that
when you died everything else did,
and nothing changed, all at once.
my shrink is expanding my vision, and
all I see are our hands, rotten and r
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 180 61
Spunion Gamble
a shitstorm sober,
an overdose of
overdoses, disorder,
a postcard from
nowhere you want to be.
Believe me, the scenery
sucks, syringes sticking
up from heaps of ugly
dead   leaves
twenty-somethings lining
sidewalks by the morgue
door, babies trading bodies for itty
bitty bottles of more
snow falling on wasted war-
torn faces glazes wide unblinking
eyes, white light erases
places, ages, life
flies away to where
I haven't got a clue but
I can't solve  the problems
of insolvency by dissolving
decency- can you?
:iconsssorry:Sssorry 53 30
this is about leaving
she measures her footsteps
from his room
like her mother measured her
innocence, carving a mark
in the kitchen door frame,
kissing her forehead,
stroking her hair.
she turns slow
as a wind-up ballet dancer,
so quiet you can hear
the crank and click of time.
he is sleeping too heavy to witness
her looking back at him, to witness
her decision to leave,
wrapped in childhood memories
:icon0hgravity:0hgravity 16 2


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